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South Africa Employer of


Record and PEO

Personalised solutions for overseas clients.
You select the employees. We onboard, mobilise and process them.
Led by a team with years of experience, CA Global HR partners with
international Employer of Record services and contractors on behalf of the CA Global group
to deliver the highest quality service.

What is a South Africa Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record enables you to build a workforce overseas quickly and easily, without having to take on the cost and risk of establishing a local entity. You hire the employees; an Employer of Record mobilises and processes them. CA Global HR ensures the employment is compliant with local statutory requirements.

Being contractually bound to operate under a strict service-level agreement, CA Global HR is fully accountable and concerned with achieving a successful outcome, perhaps more strongly than a salaried employee would be.

Why Choose CA Global HR?

Your complete Africa HR Solution Provider.





South Africa
HR Specialists



Global Support


of Contingent Workforce 

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Tailored Human

Resource Services


HR Solutions

South Africa Employer of Record offering personalised solutions.

Looking for a South Africa PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) solution?

CA Global HR will manage all HR tasks that you require, including onboarding employees, managing payroll and taxes, and other essential HR duties that may be burdening you and hindering the growth of your business. Our South Africa PEO team will assist you regardless of how many employees you need to employ and ensure complete compliance with local employment legislation.

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