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With 15 years of experience as an Employer of Record in Africa, the team at CA Global HR possesses an in-depth knowledge of the continent as well as the ins and outs of processing and mobilising a workforce on behalf of international clients.

If you are looking to expand your organisation into Africa, including remote locations on the continent, outsourcing HR functions to CA Global HR makes managing the employment and payroll of overseas staff painless as well as cost- and time-effective. Our expertise ensures our clients remain compliant with the labour and tax regulations of a given country. This removes some of the risks involved in setting up an overseas team of employees, as well as the risks that would come if an international company instead chose to establish a physical entity in an African country.

Onboarding overseas employees can take a long time; outsourcing the process to an Employer of Record means new hires can be onboarded in a matter of days. 

At times, managing an overseas workforce involves breaking through and dealing with language barriers; CA Global HR offers multilingual experts who can assist clients in communicating with their Africa-based staff. This gives both employers and employees a chance to get more acquainted and collaborate better despite being physically deparated.

CA Global HR is fully committed to seeing that our clients succeed in their expansion endeavours and that their overseas workforce is managed the right way.

CA Global HR spans a range of countries around Africa:

Countries we cover:

Employer of Record services in Africa

How does your company benefit?


  • We provide flexible, tailor-made outsourcing services to our clients depending on their needs.

  • There is no need to add or remove HR headcount as a result of the fluctuating nature of recruitment campaigns.  


  • Using an RPO saves clients the costs that would be involved in setting up an entity abroad.

  • Our streamlined process helps us deliver clients their employees at a lower cost, in less time.


  • As a contractually bound service provider operating under a strict service level agreement, our interest in achieving a successful outcome is greater than it would typically be if left in the hands of a salaried employee, making an RPO a reliable choice for clients.

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