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CA Global HR has extensive experience as a South Africa PEO (Professional Employer Organisation), providing premier solutions to some of the largest global companies. Our expertise has earned us a world-class reputation among our numerous international clients who choose us for their HR management needs.


There are many reasons South Africa is an attractive prospect for foreign business owners who wish to expand their organisations overseas. With a large and fast-expanding economy, South Africa offers increasing business opportunities for international companies. The nation's increasing middle class population and developed financial industry and business infrastructure make it an appealing location for a global business.

However, establishing an entity overseas is costly and time-consuming. This is why many international clients expanding into South Africa choose to enlist the services of a PEO like CA Global HR to hire their South African workforce and manage HR tasks on their behalf. We ensure our clients' compliance with South African employment regulations and make expanding into South Africa a simple, low-cost and quick process.

Unlike an Employer of Record, a Professional Employer Organisation does not take legal responsibility for a business’s employees and simply acts as an HR department – the employees, in other words, are still employed under the business, and not the PEO. This gives companies more control over the management of their South Africa-based workforce, which may be preferable for some.

How does your company benefit?


  • We provide flexible, tailor-made outsourcing services to our clients depending on their needs.

  • There is no need to add or remove HR headcount as a result of the fluctuating nature of recruitment campaigns.  


  • Hiring a PEO saves clients the costs that would be involved in setting up an entity abroad.

  • Our streamlined process helps us deliver clients their employees at a lower cost, in less time.


  • As a contractually bound service provider operating under a strict service level agreement, our interest in achieving a successful outcome is greater than it would typically be if left in the hands of a salaried employee, making a PEO a reliable choice for clients.

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