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As an established South African Employer of Record (EOR), CA Global HR is an expert in the onboarding and deployment of staff for companies wishing to outsource these tasks. Dedicated employment specialists, we manage the workforce of our clients by integrating the staff into the organisation and handling all tax, payroll, and other HR duties.  

Outsourcing employment functions to our South African EOR cuts down on costs and time and is often a choice for companies that want to expand their business overseas. Using an EOR means organisations do not have the difficulty of managing an overseas workforce and dealing with possible language barriers.

It can be hard for a company to make sense of and keep up to date with another nation's statutory labour laws; usually labour regulations are convoluted and may be updated regularly. A South African Employer of Record like CA Global HR is equipped with the expertise needed to ensure the compliance of international organisations with labour laws. 

See CA Global HR's South Africa Employer of Record and Africa Employer of Record pages for more information.

Employer of Record Services

  • Recruitment Services
    CA Global HR is your first stop for a fully outsourced Recruitment function in Africa. We have a dedicated team experienced in the development of recruitment policies and procedures as well as managing the end to end recruitment process including vendor management. We can take management of your entire sourcing and recruiting process, or on an on-going project basis or to run specific recruitment-intensive projects. We tailor our services to your specific needs.
  • Integrated Solutions
    CA Global HR RPO team is managed by a dedicated project manager who is supported by an experienced team. By using, and developing, current technologies available our integrated solutions will allow hiring managers and HR staff remote access to all current and future recruitment campaigns ensuring the recruitment process is seamless for both your organisation and candidates. Using an integrated solution allows for a dramatic improvement on ‘time to hire’ and ‘cost per hire’ statistics. We have a dedicated web recruitment, social media and SEO team, that broaden our footprint globally, allowing us to tap into a global candidate market. Our team works to execute the recruiting strategy around your individual projects and needs.
  • Payroll Services
    For contractual and expatriate placements, we remove the headache of onboarding the individuals from an administrative perspective. All income tax, witholding tax and other adminstrative burdens are handled by CA Global. CA Global HR works closely with Expat Africa Payroll on projects around Africa for local and expats payrolls. About Expat Africa Payroll: Expat Africa Payroll is a specialist umbrella company handling payroll across Africa. Utilizing a network of country partners, we facilitate the complete payroll solution including tax compliance, statutory deductions, handling of PAYE, and offshore payments. Our systems cater for in country contractors and those that are Independent operators, paid on behalf of major corporates directly and indirectly via Recruitment companies.
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How does your company benefit?


  • We provide flexible, tailor-made outsourcing services to our clients depending on their needs.

  • There is no need to add or remove HR headcount as a result of the fluctuating nature of recruitment campaigns.  


  • Using an RPO saves clients the costs that would be involved in setting up an entity abroad.

  • Our streamlined process helps us deliver clients their employees at a lower cost, in less time.


  • As a contractually bound service provider operating under a strict service level agreement, our interest in achieving a successful outcome is greater than it would typically be if left in the hands of a salaried employee, making an RPO a reliable choice for clients.

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