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Why You Should Use an Executive Search Consultancy in Africa

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

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What is an Executive Search?

An Executive Search is a specialised recruitment service in a headhunting and recruitment agency like CA Global. Consultants who perform an Executive Search for a client search through an extensive database of highly qualified professionals and carry out thorough research on potential candidates.

They then contact candidates who stand out directly and privately to speak to them about their qualifications and what draws them to a given position. Throughout this process, the recruiter works closely with the client to achieve the desired result and secure an ideal, best-fit candidate.

The differences between an Executive Search service and a Headhunting service

What makes an Executive Search different from the headhunting process is that the candidates found by consultants during an Executive Search are already employed and not seeking jobs but are rather being sought by companies.

In addition, an Executive Search consultant works for the company seeking a candidate, whereas the clients of Headhunters are the candidates themselves, not the company. Headhunting is also not a confidential process, while an Executive Search is completely private.

Finally, while candidates who use Headhunters are not guaranteed to secure a job, clients who employ Executive Search Consultants are guaranteed a certain caliber of candidate and level of performance.

Why your company should use an Executive Search service in Africa:


You may be recruiting for a replacement for a person still in a position, competing for talent from the same database as other companies you work with, or there may be another reason that you want the search process to be as discrete as possible. An Executive Search service is a completely confidential process between you and the agent, an impartial party.

Access to top-quality candidates

Executive Search consultants have databases filled with the top professionals in the industry, which you have the opportunity to hire through them.

Specialist knowledge

Executive Search agents have expertise in the areas in which you are seeking candidates. This is particularly useful if you’re recruiting candidates for a role that is outside of your specialised area or has been newly created, and you need expert knowledge to determine what makes the ideal candidate.

Important roles are worth investing in to ensure you hire the best candidate

If you are recruiting for an important position that requires certain scarce skills or a rare combination of skills, finding the right candidate will be more complicated and difficult, and it will be worth your while to invest in expert assistance to secure the best person for the job.

Consultants seek out employees with the potential for longevity in your company

An Executive Search consultant has the necessary research skills to determine which candidates are likely to be a good investment for you over the long term in terms of whether they will be committed for the long run and add real value to your company.

Fosters company diversity

Consultants performing an Executive Search sift through a vast database of and conduct research on professionals from all walks of life and ethnicities. Through this, they are able to bring diversity into positions within your company.

Thorough CV assessment

If you don’t have an in-house recruitment team, which may be likely if you are expanding into Africa through an Employer of Record and don’t have a physical entity on the continent, you will be short on staff who can properly assess CVs of candidates. Executive Search agents are professionals at seeking the needed information in CVs, including experience, soft skills, and hard skills.

Are you convinced that your company could benefit from using an Executive Search service? Go here for more information about CA Global’s Executive Search for Africa.

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